El Niño looming

The wait for El Niño is on. Most computer forecast models continue to suggest an El Niño event will begin evolving in September and it may be a significant event for a few months during the heart of the Northern Hemisphere winter. This year already has been an interesting year for crop weather with drought still lingering in Europe, and dryness from eastern Ukraine into Russia’s Volga River Basin and in Canada’s Prairies. Read more…

South Africa’s Soybean Success Story

South Africa’s Soybean Success Story

Soybean development is one of South Africa’s agricultural success stories. Its production has grown significantly since the dawn of democracy, from 67 700 tonnes in the 1993/94 production season to 1.6 million tonnes in 2017/18. This was stimulated by growing demand for soybean oilcake or meal by the animal feed industry. This, in turn, has been driven by an increase in the demand for high protein food, particularly poultry products. South Africa’s per capita consumption of poultry meat almost doubled over the past 17-years, currently estimated at 41 kilograms, according to data from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Read more…

SACOTA meetings

SACOTA is investigating the possibility to conduct meetings via audio and video conferencing to allow members the opportunity to attend meetings without being having to be physically present at the meeting venue. SACOTA will keep you updated in this regard.

Soya meal and sunflower oilcake local futures contracts

On a request from AFMA for the implementation of a locally traded soya meal and sunflower oilcake local futures contract, a meeting was held on 17 July 2018 where this matter was discussed with oilseeds crushers and the JSE. Minimum quality specifications were agreed on for the two contracts. The issue of physical delivery or […]

SACOTA Annual General Meeting

The SACOTA Annual General meeting will take place on Wednesday, 10 October 2018. The secretary of the International Grains Trade Coalition (IGTC) has been invited to make a presentation on the activities, projects and successes of the IGTC at the AGM.

Standardised handling and storage contract

As you are aware, SACOTA has requested Agbiz Grain if they would consider the implementation of SAGOS-type Handling and Storage contract with standardised terms and conditions. Agbiz Grain decided that they cannot entertain such request, citing Competition Act issues.

Revival of the wheat industry

The wheat industry is looking at a new wheat duty model to replace the current variable tariff that will trigger automatically, be more efficient and remove uncertainties caused by the current system. A due process will be followed taking into account economic and socio-economic studies by BFAP and studies by trade lawyers re WTO rules […]